Dear Viper Headwear Customers,

     Over the past couple of weeks, I have become aware that many customers have yet to receive orders going back several months.  I have just scratched the surface on what looks to be hundreds of orders that have yet to be filled or were lost.  I cannot apologize enough for my company’s lack of communication and the wait that some have endured in anticipation of their order.
     Ultimately, the responsibility to run MY business is mine and I dropped more balls than I can count at this time.  As a consequence of my lack of oversight I have not only lost great friends and coworkers, but I have lost the trust and loyalty of a truly dedicated customer base.  I regret some will be lost forever, but I will do my best to mend those relationships.
     I’m personally overseeing all unfulfilled back orders, and as I have seen some of you are rightfully angry with VIPER HEADWEAR.  I will do my very best to get this company turned around and for those that never received their order to get what they paid for, if not more.  At this time we have a pretty good idea what orders have not been filled through our partnership with Paypal.  That being said, if you need to contact me concerning this particular matter please do so at missingorder@viperheadwear.com My hope/goal is to have the majority, if not all, orders fulfilled in the coming two weeks.  
     I will also do what I can to contact all those that have sent messages to our facebook account, but after logging in, it seems that no one has monitored the page in a very long time.  It will take me quite a while to address those issues as well.  
    Again, I apologize for the anger and mistrust that has come of our lack of service.  I’m proud of this company, and I intend to make it a business you feel comfortable recommending to your friends and shopping with again.

Humbly and Respectfully,

Viper Headwear, LLC